The Death of Elsa Peretti

Known  mostly as a jewelry designer for Tiffany, Elsa Peretti passed away  yesterday at the age of 80. She had been a model in her youth and  remained a devoted philanthropist until the end. After I came through my  medical ordeal two years ago, I found (on the resale market) this  emerald and gold ring she designed for Tiffany. I bought it for myself  as a surviving gift. It’s so tiny that it doesn’t even fit my little  finger, so I wear it around my neck. A world-renowned, well-respected  designer I follow on Instagram is always posting photos of Elsa, talking  about how she has inspired him. They were actually very close friends.  In a random moment of bravery, I DM’d this designer to let him know that  I bought her emerald ring. I shared how much I loved her work, and I  thanked him for introducing more of her life and work to me through his  Instagram feed. I also shared the story of my ostomy bag. Amazingly, he  actually wrote back, letting me know how much it meant to him that I  reached out. He then told me, in one of the most exciting moments of my  life, that he told Elsa Peretti herself that I now own this ring! He  didn’t tell me her reaction, if she even had one, but knowing that for  the briefest of moments I, of all people in the world, may have occupied  the same mental space that designed this ring (as well as many many  other reserved, yet elegantly beautiful, pieces of jewelry)—well, it’s  one of the many things I had no idea I was fighting to stay alive for.  Grazie mille, Signora Peretti. Rest in the most luxurious, fabulous  peace.